Add an ABM token

To automatically enroll devices in Device Management for Apple using Apple Business Manager (ABM), you must generate an ABM token using your customer's ABM account and add it to N-central Mac Device Management. From a high-level perspective, the process includes:

  1. Download the public key from N-central.
  2. Upload the public key to ABM.
  3. Download the ABM token from ABM.
  4. Upload the ABM token to N-central.

You can add multiple ABM tokens to N-central from one customer ABM account by repeating this procedure for each token. For example, if a customer has multiple sites, you can add an ABM token for each site.

You can assign devices to specific tokens by assigning the devices to an MDM server. For more information, see Assign devices to an MDM Server.

To download the public key from N-central:

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu, click Configuration > Device Management for Apple.
  2. Click Apple Business Manager.
  3. Click Add ABM token.
  4. Select the target Customer and Site to associate with this ABM token and click Next.

    When devices associated with this ABM token automatically enroll in Device Management for Apple, they display in N-central under this Customer and Site.

  5. Click Download public key and click Next.

    The wizard displays with instructions to sign into Apple Business Manager and upload the public key.

  6. Click the Apple Business Manager link to sign in.

To upload the public key to N-central and download the ABM token:

  1. In the customer's Apple Business Manager account, go to Settings > Device Management Settings.
  2. Select Add MDM Server.

  3. Enter a name for the MDM Server. For example, RMM Server 1.

  4. Select Choose File and select the public key you downloaded from N-central.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Select Download Token.
  7. When prompted, select Download Server Token.

To upload the ABM token to N-central:

  1. In N-central, go back to the Add ABM token wizard.

  2. Ensure Create a new ABM token is selected and click Next.
  3. Click browse, or drag and drop the token downloaded from Apple Business Manager into the box, to select the token.

  4. Click Upload.

    The new token is added to the ABM tab

    You can add as many ABM tokens to Device Management for Apple as you need because each of your customers will have their own token or multiple tokens.

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