Uninstall apps from devices

Based on the customer server tokens, you can send the uninstall command to multiple apps on multiple devices for each customer at one time. When a device receives the command to uninstall, it removes the app immediately.

You can uninstall a single app or multiple apps at once.

It may take up to several hours to uninstall an app if a device is offline or out of service.

Uninstall a single app

To uninstall a single app from devices using the License details dialog:

  1. Open the View apps dialog for the customer server token.
  2. Select the app and click License details.

  3. The license details for the app display showing the distribution amount for the license and the devices that have the app installed or an app status related to the app.

  4. Select the devices where you want to uninstall the app and click Uninstall from devices.
  5. In the confirmation prompt, review the selected devices and click Uninstall.

    The app uninstalls from the selected devices.

Uninstall multiple apps

To uninstall multiple apps from devices using the View apps dialog:

  1. On the View apps dialog, select up to five apps to uninstall from devices.
  2. Select Uninstall from devices.

    The Uninstall wizard opens and lists all the devices with the app installed. The wizard shows the apps you selected to uninstall at the top and guides you through the process for each app.

    Only devices that have the app installed will be displayed.

  3. Select the devices where you want to uninstall the app, and select Next (repeat for all selected apps).
  4. Review the summary of apps to uninstall from specific devices and select Confirm.

    The app uninstalls from the selected devices.

The Distribution amount that shows the number of licenses left comes directly from Apple. It may take some time to update after you install or uninstall an app.

For more information about the install status of an app, see View app license details.