Add a server token

Before you can add a server token for a customer, the customer must have an Apple Business Manager account with apps purchased, and they must have devices enrolled in Device Management for Apple (DMA).

To manage and distribute apps for devices enrolled in Device Management for Apple, you must generate a server token using your customer's ABM account and add it to N-central DMA.

The overall process includes:

  1. Select the customer.
  2. Download the server token from Apple Business Manager.
  3. Upload the server token to N-central.

Select Customer

To select the customer:

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu, click ConfigurationDevice Management for Apple.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Click Upload server token.
  4. Select the target Customer to associate with this server token and click Next.
  5. Select Open Apple Business Manager to go to Apple Business Manager and sign in using your customer's account.

Download from Apple Business Manager

To download the server token from Apple Business Manager:

  1. In the customer's Apple Business Manager account, go to Settings > Preferences > Payments and Billing.

  2. Select Apps and Books.

  3. Find your server token in the list and click Download.

A server token can only be managed by one MDM provider. When you add a server token, if Device Management for Apple detects the token is managed by another MDM, you can claim management of the token or cancel the action.

Upload Server Token

To upload the server token to N-central:

  1. In the Device Management for Apple Dashboard, go back to the Add server token wizard and click Next.
  2. Select browse, or drag and drop the token downloaded from Apple Business Manager into the box.
  3. Select Next.
  4. Review the customer and token details, and select Confirm.

    The server token is added to the Apps tab.

    You can add as many server tokens to DMA as you need because each of your customers will have their own token.

Apple server tokens expire annually. When you add a server token for a customer, the expiry date displays in the Apps tab. You must renew tokens to avoid interruption of service.

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