Agent and probe services

Windows Services are a core component of the Microsoft Windows operating system that create and manage long-running processes. Windows Services run in the background without user intervention and can be configured to start along with the computer.

When you install an agent or probe on a device or server, a number of services are also installed for the agent or probe. These services are listed below.

Agent services

  • Windows Agent Maintenance Service

  • Windows Agent Service

  • Automation Manager Agent (as of AM 2.40 / NC 2022.3 and newer)


  • File Cache Service Agent

  • PME Agent

  • Request Handler Agent

Probe services

  • Windows Software Probe Maintenance Service

  • Windows Software Probe Service

  • Windows Software Probe Syslog service (if using Syslog monitoring)

Additional services

  • DNS Agent (DNS-F)

  • Ecosystem Agent (Ecosystem)

  • Ecosystem Agent Maintenance (Ecosystem)

  • N-able Take Control Service (N-Central) ((Take Control))

  • N-able Take Control Updater Service (N-Central) ((Take Control))

  • N-Central Custom Protocol Launching Service (Launches RDP RC sessions, Automation Manager, etc)

  • NetPath Agent (Netpath Only)

All backup products will also have their own services.