Locate legacy agent software

Use N-able N-central filters to locate outdated agent software. Older versions of the agent software can cause issues as you upgrade N-able N-central as some features may not perform as efficiently.

Create a filter to retrieve only devices with legacy agents installed. By creating a filter, you can associate this with a dashboard or a rule for ongoing agent maintenance.

To determine what the current agent software version is, click ActionsDownload Agent/Probe and click the System Software tab.

  1. At the Service Organization level, click Configuration > Filters and click Add.
  2. Enter the Filter Name Legacy Agents.
  3. From the Is available to drop-down list box, select Everyone.
  4. For Find devices where, select Device > Agent Version > Less Than and enter the most recent agent version number in the Input a Value field.
  5. Click Save.

The new filter appears in the filters list. You will need to manually update this filter after each upgrade to the N-able N-central server is applied.

  1. Click ViewAll Devices.
  2. Click the Filter button and select Legacy Agents from the list.

Any devices with older agents appear in the list. With this list you can now upgrade the Windows agent.