Upgrade a Windows probe

N-able N-central intelligently manages the Windows probes by queuing the upgrades. This caching behavior reduces the impact on network resources by only downloading the upgrade software once from your N-able N-central server.

The N-able N-central server performs a maximum of 15 upgrades at one time to minimize the demand on network resources. If you configure to upgrade both Windows agents and probes, N-able N-central will upgrade the probes first, because they are responsible for monitoring multiple devices.

If an installed probe is version or newer, it will act as a local cache for the agent upgrade software. See also, Upgrade a Windows agent.

  1. Click Administration > Probes.
  2. Click the probe that you want to upgrade in the Probe Name column of the Probes screen.
  3. In the Auto Update drop-down list box, select Now to update to the latest version, or click Always to automatically update the probe when a new version becomes available.
  4. Click Save.

N-able N-central downloads the latest probe software when available and installs it on the configured servers.