Enable a cache for a probe

The probe cache is used by the probe for storing installers for various N-able N-central features, including new versions of the agent, the metadata files used by the agents, and monitoring data. The probe cache does not store patch updates. You can configure a probe cache when you add a probe. If you didn't, you can do so later.

  1. Click AdministrationProbes.
  2. Click the check box for the probe to enable the cache on.
  3. If you want to enable caches on multiple probes, select all the probes to enable.

  4. Click Patch CachingEnable.
  5. Set the Maximum Patch Cache Size. If you have a large environment or have many roaming devices, increase the cache size to 60 GB.
  6. Set the Cache Location.
  7. Click Enable.

For more information on probe caching, see Configure probe cache for monitoring data.