Share a probe between associated sites

Using probe sharing, or assigning a probe, you can share a probe with other sites associated with the site. When you install a probe for a site, the probe is available only in that location. If a customer has a head office and a number of small remote offices, you can install the probe on the head office and share it with the remote offices. This will make configuring and monitoring of devices across a customer's sites easier.

To successfully share the probe, ensure the locations are connected using a VPN or reside on an MPLS network.

  1. Click Administration > Probes.
  2. Select a probe and click Assign Probe.
  3. In the Monitoring column, find the customer identified as Enabled and click the down arrow to display associated sites.
  4. To make this probe available for associated sites, change the sliders to the On position.
    • Monitoring enables the probe monitor devices on the site
    • Discovery enables the probe to schedule and execute discovery jobs on the site
    • Caching enables the probe host patches and miscellaneous N-able N-central files on the site
  5. Click OK.

The probe begins monitoring and performing the selected tasks for the additional sites.

If you remove a shared probe from the customer level for any reason, all features related to the probe are removed or disabled.