Supported Operating Systems & Features: Linux

The Linux Agent is tested and supported on specific Linux operating systems. The following tables provide feature support details for each operating system.

The following colors indicate the feature support status:

Key Status Description
  Supported Fully tested and supported. Actively updated and improved.
  Compatible Not tested or supported. Defect fixes not prioritized.
  Deprecated No longer tested or supported. Development ended.
  Not Compatible Feature not compatible with the Operating System

Features supported for each supported Linux operating system

Feature Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 7 Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 8
Automation Manager          
Security Manager (AVD)          
Backup Management          
  N-able Backup        
  Arcserve Backup        
Script Repository & Custom Scripts          
Direct Device Support          
Disk Encryption          
DNS Filtering        
  MS Intune        


Custom Monitoring Services        
  Automation Manager Policy-based        
  SNMP custom monitoring services        
Remote Control          
  Take Control        
  Remote Desktop        
Patch Management          
Scheduled Tasks          
Services (Stock, Custom)          
System Backup & Restore          
Asset/Device Discovery          
Professional and Essential Licenses          
Active Directory Management