Use customer-specific Mac agent installer

You need a device's agent activation key to install the agent software. You can find the activation key by navigating to the All Devices view and clicking on the name of the device. In Device Details, click Settings > Local Agent. Next to Activation Key, click Get Activation Key then Copy Activation Key.

  1. Click Actions > Download Agent/Probe.
  2. From the Select Customer/Site drop-down menu, select a customer or site.
  3. Under Customer/Site Specific Agent/Probe, click macOS Agent and select a location to download the PKG and XML files.
  4. Once the install file has downloaded, navigate to the downloaded file location.
  5. Unpack the contents of the zip file and double click the PKG file to start the installation.

You may encounter an error message when you install a macOS agent against a server when a certificate has no hostname or it has an insecure signature algorithm. With OpenSSL library 1.1.1, the error message indicates that the certificate has failed (Main – Soap connection failed with error code: 10 (certificate has expired)) This is not the case.