Create a ChatGPT Account Token

AI Assisted Scripting uses the ChatGPT API. Before creating your first AI Assisted Script, we recommend that you have your ChatGPT Account Token (API Key) ready as we use this to link N-central with your ChatGPT account.

A ChatGPT user account token is a unique identifier provided to users when they subscribe to the ChatGPT service or access the ChatGPT API (Application Programming Interface). It is used for authentication and authorization, ensuring that only authorized users can interact with the ChatGPT model via the API.


Before creating a ChatGPT API Key, you must:

  • Have an OpenAI developer platform account
  • Have a credit balance of >$10 on the account (Tier 1 Usage)

If you create a ChatGPT API Key without having a credit balance of >$10 on the account (Tier 1 Usage), the key will NOT work and you will need to create a new key.

Create an account token

To create a ChatGPT Account Token (API key):

  1. Go to and sign in to (or create) your account.

  2. Fund your account as it must have at least $10.

  3. Log out and log back in.

  4. Click SettingsLimits and ensure you are at Tier 1 Usage (at least).

  5. Click API keys > Create new secret key.

  6. Copy and store the secret key in a secure location.

ChatGPT only displays the API when it is created. If you return to the View API Keys dialog after they are created, ChatGPT conceals the key.

The ChatGPT Account Token is set in N-central at the Service Organization level. We use the ChatGPT account token across the Service Organization, with this shared by all users in the Service Organization.

Add account token to N-central

This procedure can only be completed at the SO level.

To add a ChatGPT API Key to N-central:

  1. Click AdministrationDefaults > AI Assist Account Token.

  2. Input the User Account Token.

  3. Click Save.

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