SNMP OIDs used during discovery

SNMP-based custom services are closely tied to discovery jobs. When creating a custom SNMP service, you can specify if the OIDs used by the service are added to the discovery job. When you apply the custom service through a Service Template, N-able N-central automatically adds the discovered instances of the service to the device. This enables you to deploy new custom services more efficiently, as you do not need to manually add and configure each instance of the custom service.

For example, if you create an SNMP-based service to monitor the disk status on a brand of NAS devices you support, the Windows Probe automatically retrieves a list of disk drives and assigns monitoring for each drive based on your SNMP query.

The following table displays the SNMP OIDs used during Discovery.

Only values that are set to true in mib oid scan table are sent to the appliance.

MibOID Index Description Enabled (True/False)
. hrPrinterStatus True
. prtGeneralSerialNumber True
. 1.1 prtConsoleDisplayBufferText True
. prtMarkerSuppliesDescription True
. 1.1 prtCoverStatus True
. prtGeneralConfigChanges True
. prtMarkerSuppliesDescription True
. 1.1 prtMarkerLifeCount True
. sysObjectID True
. hrProcessorLoad True
. MIB-Dell-10892::temperatureProbeLocationName True
. MIB-Dell-10892::powerSupplyLocationName True
. MIB-Dell-10892::coolingDeviceLocationName True
. 0 CPQHLTH-MIB::cpqHeThermalCondition True
. 0 CPQHLTH-MIB::cpqHeFltTolPwrSupplyCondition True
. 0 CPQIDA-MIB::cpqDaMibCondition True
. 0 CPQHLTH-MIB::cpqHeThermalSystemFanStatus True
. ArrayManager-MIB::virtualDiskState True
. STORAGEMANAGEMENT-MIB::virtualDiskState True
. fan status True
. logical drive True
. physical drive True
. power supply True
. server temp True
. RAID Controller True
. RAID Serialp True
. Sonicwall CPU True
. Sonicwall Memory True
. Sonicwall Connections True
. Fortinet CPU True
. Fortinet Disk True
. Fortinet Memory True
. Fortinet Sessions True
. Adaptec RAID Status True
. Adaptec Physical Drive True
. Adaptec Logical Drive True
. HP Physical Drive True
. Dell Physical Drive True
. 0 Sonicwall Model Name/Number True
. 0 Sonicwall Serial Number True
. 0 Fortigate Model True
. 0 Fortigate Serial Number True
. 0 Lexmark Model True
. 0 HP Printer Model True
. 0 Printer Serial Number True
. 0 ADTRAN Manufacturer True
. 0 ADTRAN Model True
. 0 ADTRAN Serial Number True
. 0 APC Model True
. 0 APC Serial Number True
. 0 CPU - Watchguard True
. APC UPS - Humidity/Temperature Sensor True
. APC UPS - Humidity True
. APC UPS - Temperature True
. NetBotz Airflow True
. NetBotz Audio True
. NetBotz Dewpoint True
. NetBotz Door Switch True
. NetBotz Humidity True
. NetBotz Temperature True
. Fan Status (IBM) True
. Memory Status (IBM) True
. Server Temp (IBM) True
. CCM Media Device True
. Cisco Gateway True
. CCM Phone True
. CCM Voicemail Device True
. 0 CPU - Juniper (ScreenOS) True
. 0 CPU - Juniper Secure Access True
. 0 Memory - Juniper (ScreenOS) True
. 0 Memory - Juniper Secure Access True
. 0 Juniper Secure Access - Concurrent Users True
. Cisco Unity Express Mailbox True
. Cisco IAD True
. BES Message Status True
. RAID Status (Dell) True
. 1 Cisco ASA/PIX Model True
. 1 Cisco ASA/PIX Serial Number True
. HP ProCurve Serial Number True
. ifAlias True
. ifSpeed True
. 1001 Model True
. 1001 Serial Number True
.1.0.8802. 0 Manufacturer True
. SysName of device(Cisco)  
. Cisco CPU True
. Cisco Memory True
. VPN Tunnel (Cisco) True
. Overall VPN Status (Cisco) True
. Fan Status (Cisco) True
. Power Supply (Cisco) True
. Temperature Status (Cisco) True
. Active DSO (Cisco) True
. VOIP ccmStatus(Cisco) True
. VOIP Phone (Cisco) True
. VOIP Gateway(Cisco) True
. VOIP Voicemail (Cisco) True
. VOIP Media (Cisco) True
. VOIP CTI (Cisco) True
. VOIP ccmGroupName (Cisco) True
. VOIP Critical Process (Cisco) True CPU Status (Fujitsu) True Fan Status (Fujitsu) True Logical Drive (Fujitsu) True Memory Status (Fujitsu) True Physical Drive (Fujitsu) True Power Supply (Fujitsu) True RAID Controller Status (Fujitsu) True Fan Status (EqualLogic) True RAID Status (EqualLogic) True Temperature Status (EqualLogic) True Volume (EqualLogic) True Power Supply (EqualLogic) True idrac physical drive True Memory Status (Dell) True Memory Status (HP) True Temperature Status (Fujitsu) True Physical Drive (EqualLogic) True idrac Temperature status True idrac Temperature Probe True idrac System Battery Status True idrac Power Supply True idrac Network Card True idrac Memory True idrac CPU Status True idrac Chassis Intrusion True idrac Bios True CPU Usage (NetApp) True Temperature Status (NetApp) True Power Supply Status (NetApp) True Volume (NetApp) True Physical Drive (NetApp) True File System (NetaApp) True Clustered Failover Status (NetApp) True Fan status (NetApp) True Battery Status (NetApp) True Spare Drive(NetApp) True 0 Dell Wyse Thin Client True 0 Dell VRTX Manufacturer True 0 Dell VRTX Model True 0 Dell VRTX Service Tag True 0 Dell VRTX Firmware Version True 0 Sophos XG Firewall Model True 0 Sophos XG Firewall Serial Number True 0 Sophos XG Firewall Firmware Version True 0 Sophos XG Firewall Model True 0 Sophos XG Firewall Serial Number True 0 Sophos XG Firewall Firmware Version True 0 Synology Storage Devices Serial Number True 0 Synology Storage Devices Firmware Version True 0 Synology Storage Devices Model True