Add a discovery job for Linux devices

Use a Windows probe to locate devices on a customer's network. Discovery jobs can scan for Linux devices on the network, which can then be imported into N-able N-central for monitoring.

To successfully distribute agent software to Linux devices, N-able N-central must be able to establish an SSH connection to the device, and it needs to use the root account credentials for the device. Providing Linux  credentials will allow the discovery job to establish an SSH connection when it discovers a Linux  device and install an agent.

  1. Click Actions > Run a Discovery.
  2. Enter a Name and Description of the job.
  3. Click the Devices to Discover tab and configure where the probe will search for devices.
  4. Click the Auto Import tab to select the Device Classes that are imported into N-able N-central without user interaction.
  5. N-able recommends that you use Auto Import during the initial discovery of a target network. For recurring discovery jobs, do not use this feature. Use e-mail notifications to alert when new devices are discovered.

  6. Click the Schedule tab and configure when the probe searches the network for new devices.
  7. Click Finish.

The probe will begin a discovery job as scheduled.