Get User Information

Query for specified user information.

Input Parameters

Name Type Required Description
User Name String Yes User name used to authenticate to the Office 365 web service.
Password Password Yes Password used to authenticate to the Office 365 web service.
User Email Address String Yes Email address of user to get information on.

Output Parameters

Name Type Description
Alternate Email Address String Alternate email address assigned to user account.
Block Credential Boolean Are the credentials blocked for various purposes.
City String City field of user account.
Country String Country field of user account.
Department String Department field of user account.
Display Name String Display name of user account.
Errors String Errors associated with user account.
Fax String Fax field of user account.
First Name Date First name of user account.
Immutable ID String ID field used by MS.
Is Blackberry User Boolean User is assigned the Is Blackberry User attribute or not.
Is Licensed Boolean User account is licensed or not.
Last Directory Sync Time Date Date and time directory was last synced for user.
Last Name String Last name of user account.
License Reconciliation Needed Boolean User license reconciliation needed or not.
Licenses String Licenses applied to the mailbox.
Live ID String Live ID of user account.
Mobile Phone String Mobile phone filed of user account.
Object ID String ID field used by MS for troubleshooting.
Office String Office field of user account.
Overall Provisioning Status String Provisioning status. usually will show Normal or Ready.
Password Never Expires Boolean User account password expires or not.
Phone Number String Phone number field of user account.
Portal Settings String Portal settings of user account.
Postal Code String Postal code field of user account.
Preferred Language String Preferred language field of user account.
Proxy Address String Proxy address assigned to user account.
Soft Deletion Time Stamp Date Date and time within the past 30 days user was deleted.
State String State of the user account.
Street Address String Street Address field of user account.
Strong Password Required Boolean User account requires string password or not.
Title String Title field of user account.
Usage Location String Location of the user (country code or name).
User Principal Name String Principal name of user account.
Validation Status String Displays whether the user is valid and if they passed validation tests.
Result Number Returns a success value of zero or any value other than zero to indicate failure.

Example Input Parameters

Name Type Required Example
User Name String Yes
Password Password Yes <link to start parameter>
User Email Address String Yes