List All Security Role Members

Gets all members for the specified Security Role.

Input Parameters

Name Type Required Description
User Name String Yes User name used to authenticate to the Office 365 web service.
Password Password Yes Password used to authenticate to the Office 365 web service.
Role Name String Yes Name of security role to get members for.

Output Parameters

Name Type Description
Role Members Array An array containing role members.
Role Members Count Number The number of rows returned in the role members array.
Display Name String Display name of role member.
Email Address String Email address of role member.
Is Licensed String Whether the role member is licensed or not.
Object ID String Object ID of role member.
Overall Provisioning Status String Provisioning status errors (if applicable).
Role Member Type String What administrator role the user is a member of.
Validation Status String Validation status for the data set.
Result Number Returns a success value of zero or any value other than zero to indicate failure.

Example Input Parameters

Name Type Required Example
User Name String Yes
Password Password Yes <link start parameter>
Role Name String Yes Company Administrator