Get N-central Probe Information

This object returns information about the N-able N-central probe, if it is installed on the computer where the object is run.



Input Parameters


Output Parameters

Name Type Description
Appliance ID String This contains the Appliance ID that is found in the N-able N-central interface by navigating to Administration > Probes, clicking the Probe Name, then clicking the System Communication tab.
Log Level String

The log level of the device.

A value of 1 indicates only critical errors logged.

A value of 5 indicates most details logged.

This is configurable in the N-able N-central interface.

Max Threads String The number of threads available to the probe to perform tasks. This should not be modified or used under normal circumstances.
Software Version String The probe software version.
Installation Folder String The folder where the N-able N-central probe is installed.
Server URL String The URL of the server to which the probe reports.
Result Number Returns a success value of zero, or any value other than zero to indicate failure.
Result String String Object execution error details.

Example Input Parameters

No input parameters required.

Example Output Parameters

Name Type Example
Appliance ID String 1381923467
Log Level String 3
Max Threads String 100
Software Version String
Installation Folder String C:\Program Files (x86)\N-able Technologies\Windows Software Probe\
Server URL String