Revoke Connect Access

Revokes access for one or more users to connect to one or more virtual machines. This cmdlet is intended for use in providing other applications with the appropriate permissions required to initiate a session with Virtual Machine Connection. Examples of such applications are Virtual Machine Manager.

Input Parameters

Name Type Required Description
VM Name String Yes Specifies the name or names of the virtual machine or machines to which access is being revoked.
User Name String Yes Specifies the user or users to whom access to connect to a virtual machine or machines is to be revoked

Output Parameters

Name Type Description
Result Number Returns a success value of zero or any value other than zero to indicate failure.

Example Input Parameters

Name Type Required Example
VM Name String Yes Guest001
User Name String Yes

User Name must be in the form of

Local User Account: john or ComputerName\john

Domain User Account: CONTOSO\john or\john

User Principal Name (UPN):

Security Identifier: S-1-5-21-3165297888-301567370-576410423-1103