This object provides the ability to test an output variable from another object and continue execution if the test is positive. An object (or objects) is placed within the If object and it is executed when the test evaluates to true.

By default, the If object will only log something when the test is positive, avoiding unnecessary logging that can make it difficult to trace what the Automation Manager Policy is doing. This behavior may be overridden by selecting the Verbose Output checkbox.

Input Parameters

Name Type Required Description
Variable Type String   Drop down list containing the name of the type of variable to be tested. String, Date, or Number.
Variable String, Date, Number Yes The name of the variable to be tested. Typically a linked variable.
Condition String Yes Drop-down menu for the type of test to perform. The selection is based on the Variable Type selected earlier. This list is empty if a Variable Type is not selected.
Value String Yes The value to test the Variable against.
Verbose Output N/A No Select this option to provide verbose logging, which would also include those tests that failed.

Output Parameters

Name Type Description
Result Number Returns a success value of zero or any value other than zero to indicate failure.

Example Input Parameters

Name Type Required Example
Variable String, Date, Number Yes Link the Variable to any dropped Automation Object
Condition Selector Yes Equals
Value String Yes True

Type the possible linked Automation Object output you wish to action on