Output parameters

Output parameters from one Automation Manager policy can be re-used multiple times across policies. These "global" Output Parameters have the following properties:

  • They are embedded in an existing policy.
  • They are part of the policy itself.
  • They can be reused in other policies.
  • They are displayed below the standard output area when you run a new or updated policy.

Using Output Parameters is targeted for the advanced Automation Manager policy builder.

Use the Run Policy Automation Object to locate and identify the Global Output Parameters that you want to use from an existing policy.

Create Output Parameters in an Automation Manager policy

  1. Create a new policy or open an existing policy.
  2. Drag the Run Policy object icon into the Policy frame.
  3. Browse and download the Policy Name that you want to be run by this object.
  4. You may be prompted to link a parameter to an input parameter.

  5. Review and select the Output Parameters of the policy you want to re-use.
  6. Run, edit, and modify the policy as needed.
  7. Once completed, Upload your policy to the Script/Software repository or Save locally.