Delete an Automation Manager policy from the software repository

Remove Automation Manager policies that are no longer needed or redundant. Removing old policies ensures that the file list remains up-to-date with relevant policies, and keeps the repository in a neater state.

Repository items can live at any organization level, from the System level to the Customer or Site level. Knowing where the AMP lives will be required to delete, but this can be discovered by starting a the bottom level (Customer or Site) and working upward as follows:

  1. Select appropriate organization level.
  2. Click Configuration > Scheduled Tasks > Script/Software Repository.
  3. Click the check box next to the AMP file, and click Delete.

N-able N-central removes the AMP from the repository.

If the AMP is included in a scheduled task profile, you need to disassociate it, or delete the profile. A maintenance window needs to pass overnight between 3 and 5 AM server time before the AMP can be deleted from the repository.