Turn on/off the Enrollment Helper

Turning off the Enrollment Helper for enrollment of macOS devices is only supported on macOS computers running Mac Agent Agent 1.2.0 or higher.

The Enrollment Helper prompts end users to enroll their device in Apple after Apple Device Management is enabled or during subsequent Mac Agent installations.

By default, the Enrollment Helper is turned off for macOS devices so by default end users do not receive the enrollment prompt. For example, if you only need iOS devices enrolled in Apple Device Management, you would not want macOS end users to be prompted to enroll as well.

For example, if you would prefer that your technicians perform enrollment, leave Enrollment Helper turned off, then activate it manually by right clicking the device when the technician is at the device and can perform enrollment.

To turn the Enrollment Helper on or off:

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu, click Views > All Devices.

  2. Click the checkbox next to the device(s).

  3. From the top menu, click ADM > Enable Enrollment Helper or Disable Enrollment Helper.

Turning off the Enrollment Helper does not affect computers already running Apple Device Management, which continue to function as expected.

Enable Apple Device Management on one or more computers

If you want to roll-out Apple Device Management on a computer-by-computer basis, use the Relaunch macOS device enrollment option to prompt the end-user to install the Apple Device Management profile on selected computers.