Direct Data Access FAQ

What do I get with direct data access?

  • Back-end access to your own N-central Analytics data in SQL. This allows you to combine data sets (for example, the device and patch data sets). Or, combine N-central data with any other data you use.

  • Use of common database connection tools, or your own preferred business intelligence tools (for example, Tableau or Power BI, etc).

  • Use and centralize your data among other data sources such as CRM's, PSA's, and ticketing tools.

What data is available to me and is there a data dictionary?

Direct Data Access grants you complete access to the data warehouse, including the information used to create custom reports in the UI. For example, Patch, Backup, and Device Data. For reference, the linked pages contain descriptions of the different data objects used in these custom reports.

Our Direct Data Access data dictionary defines and describes the various data items, structures, and relationships in the database.

How do I get direct data access?

Direct data access is included in Analytics Insights and Analytics Compliance so you need to upgrade to one of these packages first. To do so, first click the in-product button which takes you to an upgrade page on Here you choose the tier you want and then fill out a form asking for your first and last name, company name, phone number and email.

Next, our sales team will reach out to help you get set up with Direct Data Access and may need to collect some additional information (such as IP addresses if you are a self-hosted partner).

Your final step is to connect to Snowflake using PowerBI.