Create a new dashboard

You can copy dashboards in N-central Analytics and customize them to create new dashboards with specific data and visuals. You will work with filters, visualizations, and data to customize your dashboards. See Power BI Report Editor for details about the report editor.

The data objects available for custom reports based on Backup Devices, Backup Session, Device Inventory, Device Summary, and Patch Status. See Backup, Device, and Patch for details about the Analytics data objects. Because the Executive Summary report is a combination of all that data the same data objects are available there as well.

Create a copy of the dashboard

When you create a copy of a dashboard to edit, a Filter, Visualization, and Data panel appears on the right.

  1. Go to Analytics > Dashboards.

  2. Select the dashboard type or category and then the dashboard.

  3. At the top of the dashboard, click Copy & Edit.

  4. Enter a name for the dashboard.

  5. Select a category for the dashboard or enter a name to create a new category.

  6. Click Create.

For details about Visualizations, see Microsoft Power BI visualizations.

To replace visuals on the dashboard

  1. Click the visual on the dashboard.

  2. In the Visualization panel, select the visualization that you want to replace the current one with.

  3. Click the Save icon.