Interaction with dashboards

Explore and analyze data from various perspectives and gain valuable insights using dashboard interactions. Here are some common types of interactions in Analytics dashboards:

Hover icons

Hover icons allow you to interact with the dashboard, such as drill-through actions, filtering options, or navigation to other report pages.

For more information, see the Power BI drill mode.


Slicers allow you to interact with dashboard data and customize the displayed information. Use them to filter data by selecting specific values from a field. For example, if you have a slicer for the Site field, you can choose a specific site to display only the data related to the site in the connected visuals.

Count indicator

Count indicators display a specific data point or the number of occurrences of a value in a data set. The counts are effective emphasizing key metrics, enabling quick data-driven decision making. It is a concise way to communicate important numeral values making it easier for stakeholders to understand the significance of data at a glance.

Drill-up and Drill-down

Use drill-down and drill-up functionality to enable users to navigate through different levels of detail within the data. This feature allows users to explore aggregated data at higher levels and then delve into more granular details for deeper analysis.

Dashboard drill-through pages

Dashboard drill-through pages provide a closer look at specifics in each dashboard. They allow you to navigate from one page to another for in-depth analysis. This feature is useful when you want to explore specific details or related information that are presented on separate pages within the same report.