Analytics Data Dictionary

Navigating the complex world of data management requires a clear framework of the data's structure. Our Analytics Data Dictionary acts as a master key, making complex data linkages simpler and helping ensure consistency when working with your content.

The Analytics data dictionary contains the following columns:

TABLE_NAME The name of a specific table within a database. Serves as an identifier for the specific dataset or entity the table represents.
COLUMN_NAME The name of a column or attribute within a table. Helps analysts understand the attributes or properties associated with the data stored in the table.
ORDINAL_POSITION: The position of a column in a table's structure. This is essential in defining the order of columns within a table and ensures that analysts are aware of the sequence the attributes appear.
IS_NULLABLE Indicates whether a column can contain NULL values (empty or undefined).
COMMENT An optional description associated with the table and column that provides additional context or explanation.

It provides detailed documentation about the data elements, attributes, and structures defined in the data schema. It serves as a reference guide that describes the meaning, purpose, usage, and characteristics of each data element.

Click here to download the Data Dictionary as a CSV file, or here to open the table in a new tab.