Set the default validation strings

A validation string is a set of characters that N-able N-central uses to ensure that a TCP/IP service is available. N-able N-central checks service availability in two stages. It first tests the connection to a service. When connection is successfully established, N-able N-central receives a string of data from the service. If this string contains the validation string that you specified, N-able N-central determines the service is available. If the data does not contain the validation string, N-able N-central determines the service is unavailable.

This feature is only available at the system or product administrator level.

To receive an accurate reading of service availability, you must enter the proper validation string. The validation strings that are already displayed are industry-standard and understood by N-able N-central. Failure to enter the proper validation string will cause N-able N-central to provide an inaccurate report on service availability.

  1. Go to Administration > Service Management > Default Validation Strings.
  2. In the Default Validation String column, enter the industry-determined validation string for the service.
  3. Click the Propagate check box to apply the validation string to all of the devices that currently use the service.

    If you no not select the Propagate option for a service, the validation string will be applied only to the new devices where the service is added.

  4. Click Save.