Set Up Product Settings

We recommend configuring the following sections.

Set the default analysis reports

Specify the default analysis reports as part of a user profile that N-able N-central generates when editing a device or a service on a device in the user interface.

Edit the default report notes

Specify the default summary that appears in online and scheduled reports.

Add a customer program level

N-able N-central enables you to classify customers into program levels. Program levels are determined by the Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a customer.

Add device types to the device classes list

N-able N-central includes a list of default device classes to associate device types with in the user interface. A device class enables you to group network devices. This help with tracking and monitoring of many customer devices.

Export report email address settings

When N-able N-central generates scheduled reports, it emails them to the specified recipients. You can specify a global email address that N-able N-central uses to send the reports. All reports sent to the recipients will receive the emailed reports from this email address.