Rename a site

A customer you are managing may at some point be rebranded, change its name or become acquired or reorganize. Should this happen, you will need to change the name of one or more sites in N-able N-central.

  1. At the Customer level.

  2. Expand Administration in the left navigation pane.

  3. Click Site.

  4. Click on the site name to open the "Configure Site" dialog.

  5. Update the Customer Name with the new site name.

  6. When selecting a name ensure:

    • Name does not start with these characters: =, -, +,@

    • Name does not contain these characters:  %, &, $, #, <, >, ;, " ,  /, \

    In addition to the site name, you can also update the rest of the site details.

  7. Once complete, click Save to apply the changes.