Verify your certificate signing request and certificate modulus match

The modulus from your CSR and the modulus from your certificate must match for N-able N-central to accept and be able to properly apply your certificate bundle to the server. You can check that they match by using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to
  2. In the What to Check section, click Check if a CSR and a Certificate match.
  3. Copy the contents of your certificate in the Enter your Certificate text box.
  4. Login to N-able N-central server.
  5. In the SSL Certificate Management area, click Download Certificate Signing Request.
  6. Select and copy all of the contents in the text box containing your CSR.
  7. Go back to the Certificate Key Matcher webpage and paste the contents in the Enter your CSR text box.
  8. The right-hand side displays information regarding if the modulus hashes match.
  9. If they do not match, select the current CSR from your server and get your certificate re-keyed with it.

    If they do match, you are ready to bundle your certificate and apply it to the server.

Bundle a certificate

Bundling a certificate involves adding all of the needed certificates into one .crt file.

  1. Open the Certificate Authority's root certificate in Notepad or Notepad++.
  2. If needed, open the primary intermediate and secondary intermediate certificates in Notepad windows.

  3. Append the contents of the primary intermediate and secondary intermediate to the root certificate (in order). You have the option to prepend or append your certificate according to your Certificate Authority's instructions.
  4. Save the file.