Configure Custom PSA API integration settings

Configure the integration of N-able N-central with your custom PSA application. This enables N-able N-central to generate tickets for devices.

When you configure and save a custom API integration, a request to create a test connection and test ticket will be initiated.

In the procedure below, in addtion to specifying the URL of the API that N-able N-central should use to communicate with your PSA application, you will also be able to specify the endpoint to where N-able N-central will send the ticket requests.
  1. Navigate to Administration > PSA Integration > Configure PSA Integration.
  2. Select Custom PSA from the Choose your PSA Solution drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the API CREDENTIALS FOR COMMUNICATING WITH MSP N-CENTRAL that will be used to access N-able N-central via the API.
  4. In the DELIVERY MECHANISM FOR TICKETS area, select Generate Tickets through an API.
  5. In the API TICKET GENERATION area, configure your the URL and credentials of the API in your PSA application:
    1. In the Base Endpoint URL field, specify the URL of the API that N-able N-central should use to communicate with your PSA application.
    2. In the Ticketing Endpoint field, specify the endpoint to where ticket requests will be sent (for example /ticketRequests).
    3. Enter the username and password credentials that should be used to authenticate to that API.
  6. In the Clean Up Pending Tickets area, configure what N-able N-central does with unconfirmed tickets.
  7. In the Ticketing Errors area, enter a destination mailbox address for ticketing error emails.
  8. Click Save.

This initiates a test connection to create a test ticket. The following is an example of the corresponding JSON request:

{ "action": "CREATE",

"title": "TestConnection Ticket Request from N-central (Time: 2018-10-16T09:06:13.111+02:00[Europe/Prague])",
"details": "This ticket request is used for connection test from N-central to PSA, it can be safely deleted in PSA once created.",
"ncentralTicketId": "TEST_NC_TICKET_ID_2018-10-16T09:06:13.111+02:00[Europe/Prague]",
"customTags": {}


N-able N-central considers the test connection to be successful if your PSA application returns a 200-series HTTP response code.