Example of Custom PSA API calls and communications for a RESOLVE action ticket

On this page you will find some examples of the RESOLVE API REST requests and responses between N-able N-central and your PSA application.

Request example of a RESOLVE action ticket


"action": "RESOLVE",
"title": "Customer 1 under N-able > Si....rned to normal",
"details": "Customer: Customer 1 under N-able > Site 1 in Customer 1 under N...",
"ncentralTicketId": "63729690",
"psaTicketNumber": "12a54604dbdd270079b2a9a5ca9619ab",
"customTags": {
"urgency": "High",
"impact": "High",
"subcategory": "CPU",
"category": "Hardware" }


Response example


"externalTicketId": "12a54604dbdd270079b2a9a5ca9619ab",
"ticketUrl": "https://ven02310.yourPSAapplication.com/incident.do?sys_id=12a54604....9619ab" }