Work Roles vs Work Types in ConnectWise Manage

Work Roles and Work Types are essential features of ConnectWise Manage. They serve difference purposes and, together, help determine a billing rate.

Work Roles

Work Roles set the hourly rate of an employee or team member who has a specific role on a project or task. A Work Role can be assigned to tasks to show who is responsible for that task.

Work Roles are specific to a project or task.


Project # Work Role

Project #14

Project Manager ($85/hour)
Developer ($45/hour)
Technical Support ($35/hour)

Project #15

Project Manager ($95/hour)
Developer ($55/hour)
Technician ($45/hour)

Work Types

Work Types defines the category of work and group tasks by their characteristics, based on the type of work being done, the level of effort, the priority of the tasks, etc.

Work Types can be used across different projects or tasks.


Work Type Used in Project
Remote Support Project #14

Project #23

Project #24

Onsite Support Project #12
QA Testing Project #20

Project #21

Project #14