ConnectWise and N-able N-central field mapping

The table below shows the PSA fields that are mapped with the N-able N-central PSA integration in ConnectWise.

Field ConnectWise Field
IPAddress IPAddress
DefaultGateway DefaultGateway
MacAddress MacAddress
CompanyName groupid
ConfigTypeID // Device Class mapping ConfigTypeRecID
ConfigType // Device Class mapping type
DeviceStatus isActive (true or false)
DeviceName deviceName
ModelNumber ModelNumber
SerialNumber SerialNumber
CPUSpeed CPUSpeed
DeviceID DeviceID
OSType OSType
OSInfo OSInfo
LastLoginName LastLoginName
LocalHardDrives LocalHardDrives
VendorNotes VendorNotes
ManagementLink ManagementLink
AssetTag TagNumber
WarrantyExpiration WarrantyExpiration
PurchaseDate PurchaseDate