About Billing Profiles for ConnectWise Manage in N-able N-central

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This feature is available at the System or Service Organization-level only, depending on which level the original configuration occurred.

A Billing Profile automatically updates Agreement Additions in ConnectWise Manage, based on the number of devices being managed in N-able N-central.

Set up a Billing Profile by associating N-able N-central Filters to ConnectWise Manage Products and Agreement Types, and scheduling when to run it. When the Billing Profile runs, it updates Addition counts in ConnectWise Manage.

There must be exactly one active agreement for a selected Agreement Type.

For example, if you want to update a ConnectWise Manage Agreement and invoice the customer for the number of Patch-enabled devices:

  1. Associate the Devices with Patch Management Enabled Filter to the ConnectWise Manage Product Patch Management.
  2. Schedule when to run the Billing Profile:
    1. Select Last Day of the Month for Push Device counts to ConnectWise to run the Billing Profile on the last day of every month. This updates the Addition counts in ConnectWise Manage.
    2. Optionally, run the Billing Profile on demand.

The Billing Profile also provides a Product Addition's Effective Date and Canceled date. For more information on ConnectWise Manage Additions, refer to the ConnectWise Manage documentation.

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