Add device class mappings

  1. Click AdministrationPSA Integration > Device Class Mapping.
  2. In the Device Class Mapping screen, click Add.
  3. Complete the mapping Name and Description.
  4. Select the Mapping tab.
  5. For each Device Class, select a Configuration Type in ConnectWise Manage to which the exported data will correspond.
  6. It is critical that devices classed in N-able N-central as Workstations – Windows are mapped to the Managed Workstation Configuration Type, and that devices classed as Servers – Windows are mapped to the Managed Server Configuration Type.

    Select Unmapped to prevent N-able N-central from exporting data for that device class.

    Select Create New to create a new ConnectWise Manage Configuration Type. In the dialog that appears, type a Name and click Create to add the new configuration type.

  7. Click the Select Customer/Sites tab.
  8. Select the customer and sites for which the mappings apply.
  9. Select the check box next to the column title Customer/Sites to select all of the customers.

  10. Click Save.