Autotask and N-able N-central field mapping

The table below shows the PSA fields that are mapped with N-able N-central for PSA integration and correspond with Autotask. The location mapping from N-central to Autotask is controlled by the location field for the device in N-central. This field can be manually configured and then exported to Autotask. For more information on required mappings, see Required user defined fields in Autotask.

Field Name Autotask
IPAddress User Defined Field (N-central Device ID)
CompanyName AccountID
DeviceClass ProductID
DeviceStatus Active
DeviceName ReferenceTitle
ModelNumber ReferenceNumber
SerialNumber SerialNumber
DeviceID User Defined Field (N-central Device URI)
OSType Notes
OSInfo Notes
Location Location
Createdon InstallDate
AssetTag User Defined Field (N-central Device Asset Tag)
WarrantyExpiration WarrantyExpirationDate