Change a static N-able N-central IP address

You can change or update the N-able N-central IP address or other network configuration. When changing the IP address, remember that the agents and probes rely on the ability to connect to the N-able N-central public IP address. You will need to update the agent and probe communications settings once you change the server IP address.

Forgetting to change the agent and probe settings will cause broken connectivity to all agents and probes, and will need to either re-deploy agents and probes or manually re-configure them.

  1. At the System level, go to Administration > Mail and Network Settings > Network Setup.

  2. In the Network Setup area, update the IP address as needed.

Agents and probes will start checking in to N-able N-central when they receive the updated DNS record.

Update the IP address that agents and probes use to communicate with the N-central server:

  1. At the SO level, click Administration > Defaults > Agent & Probe Settings.

  2. For the Server Address, click Add and enter the new IP address.

  3. Select the old IP address and click Delete.

  4. Click the check box under Propagate to enable it.

  5. Select Save.