Add a customer program level

N-able N-central enables you to classify customers into program levels. Program levels are determined by the Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a customer. You can add program levels as required to logically group your customers.

This feature is only available at the system or product administrator level.

  1. On the Administrator Console in the Product Settings area, click Customer Program Level.
  2. Click Add Program Level.
  3. Specify a descriptive Name for the program level.
  4. In the Description field, specify any additional information about the program level.
  5. If required, specify the Maturity Level for the program level. This allows you to group customers according to maturity level.
  6. Specify the Mean Time To Repair SLA (in hours) for the program level.
  7. Specify the Mean Time To Acknowledge SLA (in hours) for the program level.
  8. Click OK.

The program level is added and the Program Level screen appears.

To edit an entry, click the name of the program level and make the necessary changes.