Update repository

N-able hosts an update repository where N-able N-central servers can receive the latest updates for all of the integration software (e.g. Take Control, AV Defender, etc.)

The Server Address must begin with either http:// or https:// and must be in the form of either an IP address or FQDN. Valid URL formats include:

  • http://sis.n-able.com


  • https://server.example.com

These updates will be received automatically and distributed to devices with the software installed.

  1. Click AdministrationDefaults > Update Repository.
  2. Select Enable Polling to allow the N-able N-central server to check the repository for any updates in the Update Repository screen.
  3. Enter the Poll Interval (minutes) that the N-able N-central server will wait between connections to the repository.
  4. Enter the Server Address or select a predefined server name from the drop-down list to identify the repository server to be accessed.
  5. Click Save.

The repository settings are applied. N-able N-central begins checking the repository location for software updates at the defined interval.