Configure the defaults when discovering and importing devices

Configuring the default settings to provide greater control when importing discovered devices. This reduces the need to manually edit devices once they have been imported. This includes the network address, services and license allocations.

Clicking Propagate for any settings distributes the default properties to existing devices. Otherwise, the changes you make will only apply to new devices.

  1. Click AdministrationDefaults > Discovery Defaults.
  2. Select the Network Address Type to use to identify discovered devices.
  3. In the Auto-Assigned Services section, select the services you want to assign automatically to imported devices.
  4. Services can only be assigned to devices of a device class that can be associated with the individual service.

  5. In the Auto Import section, select the device classes to automatically import and install an agent on.
  6. In the MAC Addresses to Exclude, add the MAC addresses of devices you do not want imported into N-able N-central.
  7. In the Import License Allocation section, select the default license type to apply to discovered devices.
  8. The default setting is processed during Discovery, not during import. So devices that have been imported prior to Discovery may not display the default License Type setting. For more information, see Professional and Essential licenses.

  9. Click Save.

The device discovery properties are applied to new devices that are imported into N-able N-central. If you selected Propagate, the changes are applied to the devices currently managed by N-able N-central.