New: March 1, 2021

AV Defender client software settings

Within the Security Manager | AV Defender settings, you can define what the end user sees when they open the Security Manager | AV Defender software.

The end user can access the software by right-clicking on the Security Manager | AV Defender icon in the system tray and clicking Show.

Settings that define what the user sees is set in the security profile.

  1. Click Configuration > Security ManagerProfiles.

  2. Click the name of a profile or click Add to create a new one.

  3. In the General Settings area, for Settings, click View Settings.

  4. The Display tab is where you set whether the user can access the client software, and what alerts and notifications appear for the user. You can also enter your Technical Support Information that the user can contact if an issue arises,

    Technical Support information is accessed by right-clicking on the Security Manager | AV Defender icon and clicking About.

    The Advanced tab enables you to configure settings for the security events log, crash reports and user uninstall passwords.

    The Update tab enables you to configure an update server and the intervals between checks for updates to the threat signatures.

  5. Click Save.

Internal notes: Reviewed by Sujaswini 2024.