Patch Management - Disable monitoring Driver Updates

Last Modified

Tue Sep 22 20:30 GMT 2020


There are some driver updates that require user intervention. This is recorded in the patch metadata under the field 'Request User Input'. N-able N-central will attempt to install the updated drivers but will fail to install if user input is required. This will be displayed in N-able N-central through the Patch Status V2 monitoring service and typically will show a Failed status. To prevent the Patch Status V2 from displaying as failed for missing Drivers the settings need to be updated in the monitoring service. These changes can be made through the default service templates.


N-able N-central Server - all versions


To update the settings of the Patch Status V2 service for all devices.

1. From the Service Organization level
2. Go to Configuration > Monitoring > Service Templates
3. Open the Laptops - Windows service template
4. Select the Patch Status V2 service
5. On the Details tab, de-select the Use Defaults beside the Patch Priority field
6. Change the Patch Priority from Low to Not Monitored
7. Select Save
8. Select the Associated Devices tab
9. Select all devices
10. Select Save and Re-Apply Service Template
11. This will update the Patch settings for all laptops
12. Repeat steps 2 - 10 for the Workstation - Windows service template
13. Repeat steps 2 - 10 for the Servers - Windows service template