N-central: Update regarding Windows XP and Server 2003 support, end-of-life notice

Last Modified

Wed Apr 21 14:03:23 GMT 2021


We want to let you know we are retiring support for Windows XP® and Server 2003 in the N-able™ N-central® platform in 2021. As you know, Microsoft® officially ended support for these operating systems several years ago. We have continued to offer agent-based monitoring during this time, as we appreciate many partners have embedded systems that cannot easily be upgraded.

We have now reached the point where it’s no longer possible to support these legacy operating systems with agent-based monitoring.

Beginning October 1, 2021, we can no longer guarantee agent support for those operating systems. Windows XP and Server 2003 devices may no longer connect to N-able N-central, and they may start to show as overdue or offline.


  • N-able N-central
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Server 2003


We encourage you to remove these devices from N-able N-central by this date, or you may still be billed for these devices.

You can still perform basic monitoring of these devices without an agent by monitoring them using a Windows Probe in N-able N-central. For more information about probes, see Probes Overview.