12.2 SP1 integration with Autotask- user requirements

Last Modified

Thu Mar 12 14:21 GMT 2020


  • We are updating to accommodate the new v1.6 of Autotask's API to better integrate with N-able N-central . This will allow for better integration in the future and improved functionality overall.
  • Partners may come across the following message:

"API User (API Only) security level needs to be apllied to the account used."


  • N-able N-central 12.2 SP1 and above


The Integration Account used for Autotask must have the Security Level set to API User (system). The integration vendor setting must be set to N-able N-central (On-Premise).

API user requirements

The user, whose credentials are used for integration, has to meet the following conditions:

  • Security Level: "API User (system)"
  • API Tracking Identifier:
    • "Solarwinds - N-able N-central (on premise)" when on premise server or
    • "Solarwinds - N-able N-central " if on an NCOD server.

Both of those accounts can be set in Resource Management section under Security tab in Autotask UI

API User (API-only) security level details

Following rules apply to the API-only User used for integration:

  • API-only users must be created and managed from Autotask UI
  • API-only users are not permitted to login to Autotask UI
  • API-only users cannot be assigned any tickets or tasks
  • API-only users are allowed to created entities via API but they cannot own or get associated with them