Reopen closed tickets when a response is added

In this scenario, a ticket is closed by a technician, but then the customer responds within a week of the ticket being closed that the issue is not quite resolved. Add a workflow rule for Ticket Response with the following options:

  1. In the Condition section, select Ticket Status as the Attribute.
  2. Select equals = as the Operator.
  3. Choose Complete as the Value.
  4. Click to add an additional Condition and select Completed Date.
  5. Select less than < as the Operator and choose Last week as the Value.
  6. In the Actions section, add the Update Ticket and Set Property actions.
  7. Click next to the Set Property Action to edit it and choose Ticket Status as the property.
  8. Select In Progress as the Value and save the Action.
  9. If you are using Custom Ticket Statuses, choose the ticket status that fits best with your business practices.

  10. Click Save Rule to confirm your changes.

This rule means that if a ticket is closed and a customer responds to it within a week of the ticket being closed, the ticket status will be updated to In Progress.

Additionally, you could add the Assign Queue or Assign Technician actions to the rule to ensure the re-opened ticket is routed to the correct queue or technician.