Based on RMM outage subject, create a ticket, assign a queue and set specific customer contact

Create a workflow for RMM Outage using the following conditions and actions:

  1. In the Condition section, select Outage > Subject.
  2. Select contains as the operator and enter the specific text contained in the Outage Subject as the condition value.
  3. In the Actions section, select Create Ticket and Assign Queue.
  4. Click next to the Assign Queue action, select a queue to apply to the action and click Save Action.
  5. Select Assign Contact as an additional action and click to edit the action.
  6. Click next to the Assign Contact action and select from the following options for the Primary and Secondary criteria methods used for assigning a contact:
    1. Use Default Customer Contact – the contact labeled as the primary point of contact (POC) for the customer.
    2. Use Default Location Assigned Contact – the default contact assigned to a specific customer's location.
    3. Named User – enter a specific email address.

Save the Action and the Rule to confirm the addition of the new conditions and actions to the workflow.