Project estimate with hourly rates


I design websites for customers. I provide an estimate at the beginning, but charge hourly for time worked at the end. I charge different hourly rates based on the type of work:

  • Design: $60 per hour
  • Development: $80 per hour
  • Consulting: $100 per hour

How do I charge for that?


  1. Navigate to and select a customer from the list.
  2. Select Service Items > Add a New Service Item.
  3. Select Project from the Service Type list.
  4. Enter 1500.00 in the Project Estimate field.
  5. Enter 15 in the Estimated Hours field.
  6. Select $60 from the Default Rate list.
  7. Select $80 and $100 from the Additional Rates list.
  8. Select to save the Service Item.