Monthly fee with additional hourly rate


I charge a customer $3500 per month to manage their network. That includes all work specified in the contract. Any work outside the scope of the contract is billed at $100 per hour. How do I charge for that?


  1. Navigate to and select a customer from the list.
  2. Select Service Items > Add Service Item.
  3. Select Flat Fee from the Service Type list.
  4. Enter 3500.00 in the Unit Price field.
  5. Enter 1 in the Quantity field.
  6. Select $100 from the Additional Rates list.
  7. Enter comments to display on invoices in the Service Item Description field.
  8. Select to save the Service Item.

When you add time to a ticket for this customer, choose the base rate of $0 for work inside the scope of the contract. For work outside of that scope, select the additional hourly rate.