MSP Manager : Can deleted Service Items be recovered?

Last Modified

Thu Dec 05 02:38 GMT 2019


  • Service Item was deleted accidentally, causing the tickets to be deleted as well.
  • Need to restore the service item and the tickets.


  • N-able MSP Manager


  • This can be done by doing the following :
    1. In the MSP Manager dashboard, click on Settings
    2. Click on Billing and Financial.
    3. Click on Deleted Service Item
    4. Choose the Service Item that you want to restore.
    5. Click on the Undelete Service Item button which resembles a left arrow button.
      • There will be a message prompt on the top right hand corner of the page indicating that the service item and the associated tickets have been restored. It looks like this :
        • "<Service Item name> was successfully undeleted. Associated tickets were restored."
  • For further documentation about this, click here.