How to increase the end date of a service item?

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Fri Feb 01 10:57 GMT 2019


  • How to increase the end date of a service item?


  • MSP Manager


  • In MSP Manager:
  1. Select the Customer menu and choose the effected customer.
  2. Select Service Items.
  3. Choose Edit for the Service Item that has been mentioned in the expiration notification email, or listed in the error message.
  4. Extend the End Date however, don't change the name as this will affect current cases linked to this Service Items and could cause the loss of tickets.
  5. Click the Save Button to confirm your changes.
As a best practice, and in addition to using service item expiration notifications, you should regularly review service items to check for and update any contracts set to expire soon.

It is advised not to extend the end date of service items more than a couple years in order to prevent performance issues. MSP Manager will attempt to calculate future billing periods for the service item and this can cause performance issues or time-out errors if the end-date is too far in the future.